Light and AI can work together

To build intelligent living environments with hyperspectral imaging
The hyperspectral intelligent identification system which developed from hyperspectral imaging and equipped with artificial intelligence algorithms (3D-CNN, SSD), can be used for detection, analysis and application in various fields.
intelligent hyperspectra camera

The View Beyond

See past the limits of human vision

Hyperspectral imaging technology interprets the wavelength of light, just like the visual system of Peacock Mantis Shrimp, it can identify wavelength from ultraviolet to infrared, or even a larger spectral range. By extracting more data and go beyond the visible depth of the human eye, the system can make the characteristics of the image crystal clear.

Peacock Mantis Shrimp

Hyperspectral imaging
The primary colors human can see: 3 colors (RGB)
The primary colors Peacock Mantis Shrimp can see: 12 to 16 colors

Our advantages

We focus on extracting useful information from hyperspectral data


Spectrogram database

We can get a lot of information through a small amount of image data to speed up the calculation of response sensitivity. In addition, a big data database of spectrogram has been built, which allows Taiwan to find its place in hyperspectral technology.

Hyperspectral image analysis

The high precision sensors can acquire continuous image data of nano-level spectrum in near-visible light. The camera is lightweight and can be carried on drones, with low power consumption.


Equipped with USB and type-C ports, it supports multiple expansion ports and software. The extensibility is high, and the data can be output to computers.


Through complex calculation, hyperspectral image analysis can be reconstructed into a visualized, imaged, friendly, and easy to read presentation by the software the researcher and developer made, which can provide professional guidance for customers.