Our mission is to become partners of light in all areas
Smart medicine
Identification of symptoms (Diabetic retinopathy, skin, digestive tract, oral diseases and cancer), telemedicine, precision medicine and preventive medicine.....
Smart manufacturing / Quality inspection
Precise foreign materials detection, defect detection, uniform coating analysis, material distinction, subtle color difference, light absorption/reflection/transmission characteristics of materials.....
Smart agriculture
Vegetation height estimation, insect pests monitoring, malnutrition assessment, moisture testing, yield prediction, fertilizer and pesticide management, loss reduction, resource exploration, plant status evaluation, fruits, leaves and stones identification, analysis of crop diseases, crop species screening.....
Food quality control / Air pollution detection / Forensic science
Food grading, inspection of solid, liquid, and gas samples, large-area monitoring, fine suspended particulates, pollution distribution and concentration, blood stains, gunpowder residue, shoe prints, tire marks, fingerprints, bullets.....

Our advantages

Explore things you can’t see

Spectrum database

A lot of information can be derived from a few data

Hyperspectral technology

Lightweight camera, nanoscale spectrum analysis


Supports multiple expansion ports and software


Professional consultation services from spectrum experts

Our services

Extract useful information from hyperspectral data


Listen to the needs carefully


Commercial planning and consult services


Integrate software and hardware

Consultants of light

Spectral analysis consulting services

Cutting edge technology

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