Smart agriculture

Improve quality of farming by monitoring and managing the fields


Improve cultivated land and environment

Farm management and forest survey

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is equipped with a hyperspectral camera that can observe the light reflection and absorption of agricultural crops, which can provide real-time monitoring of growth status, health status, insect pests, and pesticides. The UAV can also help farmers to perform tasks like fertilizer management, harvest time prediction, taste assessment (sweet and sour), vegetation height estimation(weeds), malnutrition assessment, moisture inspection, and yield prediction.
The greatest challenge facing Taiwan΄s agriculture today is a labor shortage. The aging population and the declining birthrate, as well as the large number of young people moving out to cities, have caused shortages of farming manpower, which has affected agricultural development. In addition, how to effectively manage the cultivated land and respond to natural disasters are problems need to be dealt with, smart agriculture is the solution and the future.
We provide professional solutions to agricultural needs through the analysis of hyperspectral images, which can improve farming efficiency. Systematic management can improve product quality, and boost the effectiveness of all resources to achieve the same or even better harvest at the lowest cost.

We have prepared the following services for reference:


Pesticide residue testing

By analyzing the spectral information before and after pesticide application, we can evaluate whether the dosage is appropriate, that is to avoid poisoning the environment, and keep sufficient control effect.

Soil assessment

By analyzing the spectral information of the soil, we can assess whether it is contaminated, or is it suitable for certain crops, and improve the quality and yield by managing the fertilizer.

Pest and disease monitoring

This service includes monitoring of plant diseases, insect pests, crop nutrient and water absorptions. Through the establishment of various spectral characteristics, we can monitor or even predict the growth status of crops, whether they are affected by pests, and the degree of the damage, so farmers can avoid crop failure.

Crop growth monitoring

Through the establishment of the spectral data in different growth stages of crops, we can analyze the spectral changes of crops in each growth period and estimate the yield. We can also analyze the relationship between crop growth and different environmental factors, and optimize farming through adjustments.