Hyperspectral camera


Customized and completely for you

Quickly obtain the spectrum and image information needed for new industries

  • Fast
  • High accuracy
  • High sensitivity
  • High resolution
  • No consumables or reagents needed
  • Stable and portable
Hyperspectral camera


Improve life experience, manufacturing and agriculture with spectrum technology

Feature introduction

The core technology of the product is hyperspectral imaging combined with artificial intelligence algorithm to analyze images. It can provide high-quality spectral information in the visible spectral range, and at the same time quickly obtain spectrum and image information. The technology can be applied in different fields and will create great value and profit.


Our products use the operating system that supports the development of terminal applications. They contain high performance CPU and sufficient RAM to fulfill the needs of most terminal applications.

Product Specification

Our goal is to extract useful information from various data in the spectrum and create value and knowledge for human society. Those who are troubled with no measuring equipment and interested in obtaining reliable data, please feel free to contact us
Model HS ai-02
Resolution 2048X1536
Frame rate 60 fps
Spectral Response Range 380-780nm
dynamic range 12bit
Shutter 25μs - 4s
Photosensitive Device Sony IMX265LQR
Size of Photosensitive Device 1/1.8 inch
Shutter Type Global Shutter
Lens mount C/CS
Working voltage 19V(6.32A)
Size (mm) 190(Without lens )x146x81
Weight 1400g